WP Kart Finals – Triple win, but what about the title?

Cape Town kart and single-seater race star Julian van der Watt dominated the DD2 class in Saturday’s Cape Kart final hoping for a chance to belatedly clinch the title pending the scoring of a race that was cancelled earlier in the year

“We had one goal this weekend and that was to win all three heats,” Julian explained. “For whatever reason, MSA cancelled a previous regional round where I won all the races, so I was trailing on points going into the last round and the only chance I had, was to win and dominate the race day.

“We started well and I put it on pole by 0.2 seconds and I dominated each heat – I led every lap of every race from start to finish. “The kart was amazing and I was focused on the task at hand. “There are still some issues going on with the championship so we are eagerly waiting to see what happens, but either way I must say a huge word of thanks to Claudio from race driver SA and Punjabi engines for all the help and hard work.”