The Iron Dames announce full 2024 line-up, showcasing unprecedented growth and determination

Founded in 2018 by Deborah Mayer, the Iron Dames project maintains its long-term vision and continues its rapid expansion. Introducing four new faces, a fresh generation of talent, exploring new disciplines, and bringing together increasingly competitive drivers, the 2024 line-up reflects the team’s commitment to growth and excellence.

The Iron Dames project has evolved enormously over the years having already left an indelible mark in the world of motorsport with notable breakthroughs and victories, including the FIA World Endurance Championship triumph with Sarah Bovy, Michelle Gatting and Rahel Frey in last year’s 8 Hours of Bahrain and Doriane Pin’s entry into Mercedes-AMG’s junior programme. Through its success story, it continues to play a pivotal role in inspiring positive change within the industry. Furthermore, the Iron Dames paves a path of possibilities for the younger generations. The identification and development of young talent is also integral to the project’s robust strategy, aiming for continued expansion

2024 Championships and Drivers Line-up:
FIA World Endurance Championship: Sarah Bovy, Michelle Gatting, Doriane Pin
IMSA Endurance Cup: Sarah Bovy, Michelle Gatting, Rahel Frey
European Le Mans Series: Sarah Bovy, Michelle Gatting, Rahel Frey
Michelin Le Mans Cup: Karen Gaillard, Célia Martin
F1 Academy: Doriane Pin
French Rally Championship / French Gravel Rally Championship: Sarah Rumeau, Julie Amblard
IAME Euro Series / Spanish Championship (CEK): Natalia Granada
The list of championships and drivers involved in the project reflects its commitment to overcoming barriers and to performance in sport, with the recognition that these athletes are not only competitors but also ambassadors around the world, embodying the values of the project and inspiring the next generation to believe in their dreams.

It’s worth noting that the project has expanded into equestrian sports this year, fielding the only 100% all-female team in the prestigious Longines Global Champions League and taking talented young riders under its wing. With nine drivers and eight riders, there are now 17 female athletes proudly flying the Iron Dames colours, a significant leap from the initial three when the project was launched in 2018.

2024 marks a significant milestone in the development of our project with the opening of new horizons and the arrival of new athletes as Iron Dames. The diversity and quality of the lines-up symbolise our commitment to uniting women in various disciplines under a common banner of excellence. The Iron Dames project is not just about racing; it’s about creating opportunities and inspiring every individual, regardless of gender, to believe in their dreams. Our success has been a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and determination. We are thrilled to kick off the 2024 season. I wish all the Iron Dames the best of luck and success, I firmly believe that there are no barriers that cannot be overcome and no dreams that we cannot achieve together.