Pista – ELITE RACING SERIES season launch in Dijon-Prenois

The ever first meeting of the new ELITE RACING SERIES created by Philippe Naniche was held at the Dijon-Prenois race circuit, in Burgundy.

After the pre-season test in Le Castellet at the beginning of March, the competitors met in central France this week-end, under a nice sunshine and on a circuit where the renovation works are now totally completed, with a brand-new track surface, that pleased all the drivers as they told after the meeting.

Our first meeting saw ROSCAR GT CHALLENGE and SPRINT GT CHALLENGE race together for the qualifying and the two races, our PROTOS Challenge competitors will join soon.

Pierre-Alain BOUHET and Vincent CHARLAINE and their Porsche 981 R4 #5 were forced to start from the pitlane due to a technical problem on the car during qualifying. All other drivers were ready on track at noon to complete the first one-hour race of the ROSCAR and the 30mn for the SPRINT entries.

ROSCAR GT CHALLENGE: From the first day on, Sébastien DESOILLE was determined to win, and is ready to win the first ever ELITE RACING SERIES. He started from pole position at the wheel of his Porsche 991 GT3-R #75, ahead of Ulric AMADO and his bright blue #2 Porsche 991 4L from Net Cuv’ Racing team. Amaury VAUCHER (#16 Porsche 991 Cup 4L) was fifth on the grid, but he quickly grew up to fight with the top of the race. After the mandatory driver-change, Michael DESMAELE took over in the blue car, while Arnaud BREUIL came at the wheel of #16.

All the way to the end of this first race, the fight was harsh between Breuil (3rd) and Desmaele (2nd) and it’s only two minutes to the end that Arnaud Breuil passed the blue car and took second position of the general classification.

The second ROSCAR race started at 3:00 pm. Desoille, still in the front continued his top racing, ahead of #11 Porsche #RSR of Pierre MURER and Michael ZIEGLER, #15 Porsche 992 Cup and #16 991 Cup. On this recently resurfaced track, quite a few drivers got caught overpassing track limits and therefore received penalties such as Lebreton in #15 who was asked to complete a drive through during the race. In the end, he still finishes 4th of the second race while #11 991 Cup 4l of Ziegler/Murer had to retire with a damaged car. #75, #2 and #16 stepped on the podium of race 2 after Michael Desmaele – who had started from 7th position – had completed a perfect race, 4th at mid-time and 2nd overall.

Sébastien DESOILLE 911 Impact #75 wins the first ROSCAR GT Challenge, ahead of #2 Porsche of Michael DESMAELE / Ulric AMADO and #16 of Amaury VAUCHER / Arnaud BREUIL.

SPRINT GT CHALLENGE: The new challenge gives drivers the opportunity to race hard during 30mn. New comer that we met at Le Castellet Marc VANWYNSBERGHE and his #13 orange Porsche 992 Cup finished 2nd in the first race and wins the second one. Patrick PELLETIER, local driver was really happy to be back on track with his #7 Porsche991 Cup 4l. But after the qualifying session he was quite sure racing would be impossible, as he had an accident and damaged the car wing. BUT… that’s how it works in Philippe NANICHE’s meetings… Thanks to neighbour teams Passion RS, RSR and NAD System as well as staff of the organisation, Pelletier was able to repair and start (and finish) both races. Solidarity and conviviality are definitely part of the game here. He even wins the first race and steps on third position in the second race of the day. Olivier RABOT, Porsche 992 Cup #6 finishes 2nd in the final cumulative classification thanks to 3rd and 2nd finishes this week-end.

Cédric TOISON and his #8 Porsche 997 Cup was delighted to come back to such a general fun, friendly and respectful atmosphere ELITE RACING SERIES.

SPRINT GT CHALLENGE: Eric ODDOS switches to racing! Eric is a faithful driver of the Roscar history. He even is one of the guys that motivated the organisation quite a few years ago, to start racing in addition to club track days. These last years, he often came to the meetings as he liked the atmosphere, but he could not fulfil a one-hour race with this Clio Cup. So finally, this week-end, he could stand on the starting grid and is the happiest man: “I love this new race format, as I really wanted to race again. My car is not adapted to the one-hour racing, but now I am back and I had a lot of fun. I really like these meetings and the way it’s all organised, the kindness, the cohesion and conviviality around… I will not be able to be at all the race and I regret it, but I will sign in as often as I can!”

ROSCAR GT CHALLENGE: First ever race for Pierre-Alain BOUHET He came at the 2023 ROSCAR 360 to see friends, check the organisation and test the car with his brother… and he was stunned and won by the meetings he discovered. That was five months ago… so he decided to start racing and shared the #5 violet Porsche 981 R4 with his friend Vincent CHARLAINE in Dijon to completed both one-hour races of the ROSCAR GT CHALLENGE. “I really had a great week-end. It was my very first race, it all happened with a top team, it couldn’t have been better. I learned a lot, was more performant at the end of the week-end and had great fun in this respectful environment. It’s all exactly what you need when you start”. His co-driver added “I started racing at the Roscar 360 and of course I continued learning a lot this week-end. It was a lot of fun, we did not damage the car… we will be there at the next meeting in Val de Vienne, maybe even with two cars.”

ZOOM on our partners
Stand 21 has always been loyal to Roscar and remains so with the new ELITE RACING SERIES. And since we found ourselves in the manufacturer’s stronghold, we had the honour of a visit this weekend from Yves MORIZOT, the emblematic figure in the brand, accompanied by his two sons Romain and Christopher.

For over 50 years, the MORIZOT family has been working for safety in motorsport driver clothing. Flame-retardant suits, Hans protection, gloves, helmets, boots and other underwear… all these have passed through the hands of the founder, undergone every possible and unimaginable constraint so that safety is increased every day. Thanks to Stand 21, today’s drivers can devote their energy to driving, because when it comes to their track clothing, they know they’re safe. Thank you to this exceptional family.