2023 NWES season – Michaela Dorcikova and Stefani Mogorovic to form all-female team at Autodrom Most

For the first time since 2013, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series will feature two fast female racers sharing the same car for an exciting EuroNASCAR event. Michaela Dorcikova and NWES debutant Stefani Mogorovic will drive the #1 Academy / Alex Caffi Motorsport Ford Mustang. The Slovakian has plenty of experience behind the wheel of a 400-horsepower V8 beast, while Mogorovic will make her debut after experiencing the unique NWES car during a test day with the team in early 2023. While Dorcikova will be racing in EuroNASCAR PRO and in the Challenger Trophy, the Croatian will be competing for the Lady and Rookie Trophy honors in EuroNASCAR 2.

Autosport 42 made history in 2013 by fielding the first all-female car in EuroNASCAR history with Carole Perrin and Caty Caly behind the wheel in the Nogaro season opener. Women have built a legacy in the series in every season, with Arianna Casoli being the most successful driver in the Lady Trophy. Three titles in the special classification, one in the Legend Trophy win and the record for the most starts in EuroNASCAR 2 mark the Italian’s accomplishments, but Luli Del Castello, Carmen Boix Gil, Julia Landauer, Francesco Linossi, Alina Loibnegger, Erika Monforte, Aliyyah Koloc, the late Nathalie Maillet and even NASCAR Truck Series legend Jennifer Jo Cobb are among the female drivers who have made EuroNASCAR history.

While Dorcikova will be eligible to compete in EuroNASCAR PRO’s Challenger Trophy, her new teammate will compete for both the Rookie and Lady Trophy. Both drivers are looking to make significant strides and post solid results for Federico Monti and Alex Caffi’s Academy / Alex Caffi Motorsport team, which is led by Stefano Bacci.

“My first race in EuroNASCAR was with Alex Caffi’s team and we continued the journey in 2021 with Academy / Alex Caffi Motorsport,” said Dorcikova. “So I am more than happy to rejoin the ‘ragazzi’ for my fourth ever appearance in the EuroNASCAR championship, as the team feels like a family. In 2021 at Most we achieved two podium finishes in the Challenger Trophy together. I definitely want to build on that success, especially when I finally get to race on a track I have raced on before.”

“Even though I’m missing a lot of miles in the car compared to the rest of the field, the NASCAR GP Czech Republic will somehow be a home race for me as I live in this country,” she continued. “I will certainly enjoy the atmosphere on my home track and the competitiveness in the EuroNASCAR PRO category. I will do my best on the track to fight for the podium again.

While Dorcikova is looking to improve her on-track performance, Mogorovic is eager to tame the V8 beast and get used to the Pure Racing style of EuroNASCAR. Mogorovic, who was born in Pula and lives in Opatija and Pazin, wants to experience the unique character of EuroNASCAR racing with “equal machinery for every driver” on the grid. The Croatian is looking forward to the “rolling starts and multiple cars approaching Turn 1″ that bring so much excitement to the tens of thousands of fans on the grandstands of the iconic Autodrom Most.

“I expect fair fights, a good pace with the car and a great time on the track and with the team,” said the 20-year-old. “My goals are small for me, so my goal is to finish both races and be happy with my results and improvement.” The “calm and steady” driver is known for “not forcing things” on the track and “handling pressure” very well. These are two very important attributes to be a successful driver in the world of EuroNASCAR. With Michele Mouton as her idol, Mogorovic started karting at the age of three and is looking to take the next step in her racing career by joining the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

EuroNASCAR will return to action on August 26-27 with the NASCAR GP Czech Republic. All Qualifying sessions and races from Autodrom Most will be broadcast live on the EuroNASCAR Youtube channel, on Motorsport TV and on several TV services around the world.