WorldSBK regulations for 2023: minimum combined weight ruled out, testing restrictions and flag-to-flag races in WorldSSP300

Ahead of another season of drama and excitement, there have been some updates regarding sporting regulations, whilst one hot topic has been clarified ahead of 2023 commencing
The Superbike Commission, composed of MM. Gregorio LAVILLA (Dorna, WorldSBK Executive Director), Paul KING (Director of the FIM Circuit Racing Commission), Biense BIERMA (General Secretary of the MSMA), coordinated by Paul DUPARC (Manager of the FIM Circuit Racing Commission – SBK Secretary of the Commission), in the presence of Ludovic REIGNIER (FIM WorldSBK Technical Director), Dominique HEBRARD (FIM CTI Technical Manager) and Roland BERGER (FIM CTI Director) met on numerous occasions in recent weeks and took the following decisions:

The WorldSBK Championship is now mature. It is necessary to ensure the continuity of this category and to maintain the technical rules that have made its current success. The question of a minimum combined weight (Rider/Machine) has been ruled out by the “SBK Permanent Bureau”.

The Supersport and Supersport Next Generation category will see their 2022 technical rules maintained for an additional year. This postponement will allow current manufacturers under the Supersport rules to work during this season to meet the base of technical/balancing rules for the 2024 Supersport Next Generation, mandatory for all manufacturers.

At the end of the 2023 season, a study establishing the performance balancing results will be drawn up in order to establish the performance balancing in this series for 2024.

On the specific sporting side, a testing restriction has been established. It is now prohibited for riders and teams contracted to compete in the World Supersport & World Supersport 300 World Championships to test, practice or race at the same location as an FIM World Superbike World Championship event during the 11 days preceding the day of first practice of this event.

Considering that the minimum age of WorldSSP300 riders had been increased, and that such riders have to practice for participating in higher class, it was approved that Flag to flag races would be put in place in this category (as existing in WorldSSP and WorldSBK): For all classes, a race will not be interrupted for climatic reasons except for extraordinary events. Riders who wish to change tyres or make adjustments will have to enter the pits and do so during the actual race.

In line with all FIM disciplines (initiated by GP classes), the meaning of the yellow flag with red stripes (change of adherence) will be as follows: “The adhesion on this section of the track could be affected by any reason other than rain, giving unexpected surface conditions. This can include isolated damp patches on a dry track, oil, gravel, grass or other debris”.

The FIM is continuing its mission of improving riders’ equipment and developing helmets. In line with this policy, only FIM homologated helmets (with a valid FIM Homologation Label) will be allowed with the following deadlines:
Until the 31/12/2025: FRHPhe-01 & FRHPhe-02
As from 01/01/2026: FRHPhe-02 only
A list of FIM Homologated helmets is available on

The resolutions of this Superbike Commission have been approved by the Permanent Bureau.