Volkswagen Driver – Volkswagen initiative enters final stretch

The Volkswagen Race Driver Search selected its top four qualifiers to go forward into Wednesday’s shootout, which will trim the field down to two. Ayrton Good, Jonathan Mogotsi, Rishay Moodley and Ryan Rhode are the four Search Drivers to go through to the racetrack round at Red Star Raceway on Wednesday. The selection followed an intense two-day series of driving tests in Volkswagen Golf GTIs at the Gerotek Vehicle Testing Facility.

“You can all be proud of what you achieved,” Volkswagen South Africa Motorsport Manager Mike Rowe said as he concluded the day’s proceedings. “We are most impressed with all of your performances and all of you have the potential to go far in motorsport – to the four who go home now, it’s now up to you to go do it. “To the four who made it, tomorrow is another day -good luck to all of you – may the best men win.”

“Motorsport is a very big international family and what you have learned here – and with this on your resume, you are armed to go far – anywhere in the world,” Motorsport South Africa Sporting Services Manager Wayne Riddell added. “Good luck with your future careers – go get it. “To those of you who go through, good luck – give it your best – see you tomorrow.”

The Volkswagen Driver Search now heads off to Delmas and the Red Star Raceway for a series of competitive driving exercises in race-prepared Volkswagen Polos that will narrow the field down to the two Finalists. They will then go on to drive off for an Engen Volkswagen Polo Cup race seat in real races later in November.

The Volkswagen Race Driver Search seeks to find, nurture and develop South Africa’s future motor racing talent. Run in conjunction with Motorsport South Africa, the various modules not only serve to train all candidates on the many driving, theoretical and practical aspects they will deal with in their future race careers, but the process will select the top driver and reward him with that prized Engen VW Polo Cup drive.