Simone Tempestini wins the 2016 Tour European Rally

Simone Tempestini is the first champion of the Tour European Rally. This is the third title this season for the young italian driver, who was crowned JWRC champion in the World Rally Championship with one round to go, as well as securing a back-to-back romanian national championship. Simone won the opening round of the 2016 Tour European Rally in Arad (Romania) in May, driving a Ford Fiesta R5 and setting 10 fastest stage times out of 11, including the Power Stage. This record, pursuant to the 2016 TER regulations, secured him the maiden Tour European Rally title, despite finishing tied in points with Hermann Neubauer who won Škoda Rallye Liezen in Austria with a Ford Fiesta WRC, leading from start to finish, winning six special stages (including the TER Power Stage) and securing his maiden Austrian Championship.

Neubauer finishes runner-up in the 2016 Tour European Rally, followed by José Pedro Fontes who won Rali Vinho da Madeira after a great battle down to the final stage. Fontes went on to secure a back-to-back national championship (like TER winner Simone Tempestini) in Portugal.

Sébastien Carron sealed the perfect season in Rallye International du Valais: The swiss driver secured his 6th win out of 6 starts in 2016, which had earned him the swiss national title before the final round. He fought back strong opposition from Fabio Andolfi to secure his maiden win in Valais.

Fifth place in the 2016 TER for Alexandre Camacho, who had a great fight with José Pedro Fontes throughout most of Rali Vinho da Madeira, losing on the final stage and by only 1” to his rival. It was a small comfort for Alexandre to have won the TER Power Stage in Madeira.

The 2016 Tour European Rally has set a unique record for an international series, as the winner of every round is also the winner of the respective national championship.

Tour European Rally 2016 – Final standings
1) Simone Tempestini (Italy)   33
2) Hermann Neubauer (Austria)  33
3) José Pedro Fontes (Portugal)  32
4) Sébastien Carron (Switzerland)  32
5) Alexandre Camacho (Portugal)  28
6) Jan Cerny (Czech Republic)  26
7) Gerwald Grössing (Austria)  26
8) Jérémie Toedtli (Switzerland)  25
-) Rashid Al Ketbi (UAE)  25
10) Raimund Baumschlager (Austria)  24