A rival ruins Canamasas´ chances on Sunday

Canamasas was putting together another strong performance in race 2 at Sepang but a collision caused by Markelov dashed his chances and was forced to pit. The Barcelona-born driver still rejoined the race and set the fastest lap of the race.

Sergio Canamasas was unable to score new points on Sunday´s race 2 at Sepang. Carlin driver, who finished tenth on Saturday, was eying to put it another strong performance. Canamasas again showed a good race start and gained several positions on his rivals. Canamasas was saving tire wear at the beginning as it would spice up race in the late stages of the race. But on lap 20 Artem Markelov – who later given a time penalty- was pretty aggressive and drove into Canamasas. It resulted in damage for Carlin´s car and Canamasas was forced to pit. After a short pit stop, Spain´s racer still rejoined the field and clocked the fastest lap time despite he couldn´t improve a 15th place finish.

“Markelov made another unfortunate maneuver and it ruined my race. I was trying to save my tires a little bit for the end. I was battling with Gasly and Cecotto among others and my strategy was to attack on the final laps. But it wasn´t possible. At least, I managed to rejoin the race and to set the fastest lap of the race”, Canamasas said. The Spaniard underlined that “to be honest, our car wasn´t working as well as yesterday. Then I could challenge Gasly and in fact I was lapping quicker than him, but today he stepped onto the podium and that goal was out of my reach, I think. Carlin has to draw its own conclusions. Other teams improved but things didn´t work out that way for us.”