4H Endurance GT/TOURISME/LMP3 6 H Endurance Proto, Endurance VHC Challenge Funyo et Monoplace V de V

New entrant competitors for the V de V at MagnyCours, 7th, 8th and 9th of October
V de V Series is getting fierced with new teams emerging or back in the competition at Magny-Cours
Five years on, IF Motorsport returns to V de V British team IF Motorsport will be present on the grid of the V de V Endurance Proto Challenge at Magny-Cours on the 7th-9th October. Through the years V de V has become the go-to series for racing CN prototypes and the Challenge created by Eric Van de Vyver seems to leave a lasting impression on European teams. This is the case for IF Motorsport, who will compete in the penultimate round of the 2016 championship after a five-year break. In 2010 and 2011, the team managed by Bryce Wilson lead their Ligier JS 49 to a podium finish in Nogaro; this year however they will be competing with a more recent Norma M20 FC. The driver line-up for the team is 100% British, including Alan Dallas, Ian Hart and Ian Forrest ­ Manager at Knockhill Circuit in Scotland. Panis Barthez Competition arrives in Magny with his Ligier! The V de V Endurance Series will be welcoming a well-known face of motorsport to its event at Magny-Cours – the penultimate event of the 2016 Endurance GT/Touring car/LMP3 Challenge. Paniz Barthez Compétition will be presenting their Ligier JSP3 to an already packedout grid of cars, entrusted to drivers Eric Debard, Jean-Claude Police and Franck Matelli for the weekend’s race. Established at the beginning of the season through an alliance between Olivier Panis, the last French driver to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix, and Fabien Barthez, France’s goalkeeper for the winning side in 1998, this team have already reached several high goals this year, including competing in the recent 24 Hours of Le Mans. From the 7th to 9th October, the championship will see another important competitor join its ranks; confirming the ever-growing interest for LMP3 and PFV prototypes.

4H Endurance GT/TOURISME/LMP3 6 H Endurance Proto, Endurance VHC Challenge Funyo et Monoplace V de V Et SPO5 7-8-9 octobre 2016 – Circuit de Magny-Cours

Behind the wheel of the Ligier JSP3, Panis Barthez Compétition will be fielding Eric Debard – French GT champion in 2009, the year in which he shared the wheel with a certain Olivier Panis -, Jean-Claude Police, a familiar face to endurance racing and Franck Matelli, who will be bringing his fast pace and young determination to the team. Curtis racing’s Norma returns to the V de V Endurance Proto Challenge British team Curtis Racing will return to the V de V Endurance Proto Challenge at Magny-Cours, from the 7th to 9th October. Over the last few years Curtis Racing have entered their Norma M20 FC into several rounds of the V de V Endurance Series ­ making appearances at Paul Ricard, Motorland and Barcelona in 2014 and 2015. For the event at Magny-Cours, the team ­ familiar to the paddocks of V de V ­ will be placing Steve Keating behind the wheel, who will be on a quest for success in the Prestige class. In the team’s last few appearances, Keating was paired with Latvian driver Konstantins Calko (22 years old), however the Briton’s teammate is yet to be announced. Ebimotors’ Lamborghini Huracan on the grid at Magny-Cours The Italian team Ebimotors have confirmed their entry in the Endurance GT/Touring car/LMP3 Challenge at Magny-Cours next month with a Lamboghini Huracan GT3, driven by Emanuele Busnelli and Fabio Babini. Better known for their strong relationship with Porsche ­ running the factory Italian team – Enrico Borghi’s team acquired the brand new Lamborghini Huracan GT3 this season. The scuderia will make their debut in the V de V Endurance Series with this car in a few weeks’ time. Gentleman Driver Emanuele Busnelli, long-time member of the Ebimotors family, will be paired with well-known teammate, Fabio Babini. The Italien driver ­ a specialist in GT and endurance racing with 15 years of experience ­ is an old member of factory teams for Ferrari

and Aston Martin. He has a long history of victories, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Daytona.

4H Endurance GT/TOURISME/LMP3 6 H Endurance Proto, Endurance VHC Challenge Funyo et Monoplace V de V Et SPO5 7-8-9 octobre 2016 – Circuit de Magny-Cours

Going into Magny-Cours, this professional team join a long list of established competitors ­ such as AF Corse, IMSA Performance, Visiom and WRT ­ who’ve chosen to broaden their program by benefiting from the V de V Endurance Series’ optimum low budget and track time ratio. The VHC will be demonstrating Magny-Cours The Endurance V de V VHC championship will be back at the MagnyCours circuit, from 7 to 9 October and as always the competition promises to be one of the kind for the history of motor racing ! The challenge reserved for the competition of Historical Vehicles was lacking, and it is with pleasure that the meeting will be hosted again in Nervers. Thus, the competitors have expressed their desire to come back and battle in the V de V Endurance Series. In Magny-Cours, they will about twenty pilots to fill the departures gates of the two races that will be held. Those who are accustomed to the category – and many others – will of course be present, and this is not without some excitement that we find prototypes and GT models that made us dream, like the Elva MK8, Lucchini SP91, TVR Griffith 200, Alfa Romeo, Ford GT40, and of course all possible Porsche, such as the magnificent 911 3.0 RSR driven by multiple champion Bernard Moreau. In order to minimise waiting time during the weekend, the schedule has been divided to two differnt days, Saturday and Sunday. Free practice (45 ‘) and qualifications (30′) on Saturday, followed by two races of one hour each on Sunday. An addition of choice at a rally marking the last French stop of the 2016 season.