Canamasas perseveres to ninth place at Hungaroring

After starting from the pit-lane when his car stalled on the grid with a still unknown issue, the Barcelona-born driver of Carlin came 18th on Saturday but then delivered a bold recovery to ninth place in race 2 today.

Spain´s Sergio Canamasas overcame more adversity at Hungaroring. Canamasas hopes were dashed on Saturday when his Carlin-entered Dallara stalled and was forced to start from the pit lane. Despite this setback, Canamasas focused on reeling in the cars ahead and managed to pass a few ones after a few laps. But Hungaroring is notoriously difficult to overtake on and Canamasas finally brought home18th place. On Sunday, Canamasas made another stunning start and gained eight places on the very first lap. Then, he moved up to 9th shortly after. But then, the Spaniard didn´t feel he had the pace to pass Raffaele Marciello and the latter pulled away despite his efforts.

“Carlin still haven´t indentified the source of stalling problem on Saturday. But starting from the pit-lane at Hungaroring, it ruins your chances. I overtook several cars at the beginning, but when other drivers got their tires at optimum temperature, I couldn´t continue gaining more positions”, Canamasas said. He added that “I made a good start in race 2 but after moving up to 9th, I didn´t have the speed to attack for 8th. I was pushing but Marciello pulled away. We need to pay enough attention to evaluate our weekend and change the current trend”.