Tour European Rally: Arad Rally KIA 1st Round TER 2016

Two years after the first draft of the new series, combining events of excellence with great tourism locations, the Tour European Rally is a reality.

The new Championship was greeted with enthusiasm from the organisers of the four rounds which form part of the debut season (Arad Rally KIA, Rali Vinho da Madeira, Skoda Rallye Liezen and Rallye International du Valais) and by the drivers who entered the series.

A Press Conference was held in Arad to introduce the season, with representatives of the four rounds of the 2016 season alongside Rashid Al Ketbi, the driver from Dubai who was the first to register for this new Championship.

29 entries were received before the start in Arad (out of 34 starters), the first event of the season, including those of all the top drivers; Simone and Marco Tempestini, Rashid Al Ketbi, Dan Girtofan, Gergo Szabo, Florin Tincescu, Zsolt Maroszi, Janusz Knopt, Raul Badiu, Georgi Geradzhiev, Rares Tomita, Florin Crisa, Horatiu Savu, Zoltan Juhos, Edwin Keleti.

The TER Village, adjacent to the start/finish podium and spectacular City Superspecial stage in Arad, allowed the organisers of the series’ rounds to promote both their events and territory. The village will be present in all the rounds of the 2016 TER, to maximise the promotional impact and possibillities which the series promoters wish to offer to all the events and their tourist interest areas.

After an eventful two days of rallying in changing weater conditions, which contributed to the show and added to the challenge the drivers had to face, the drivers entered in the 2016 Tour European Series conquered the final podium and the overall top ten. Simone Tempestini won the Arad Rally Kia after leading from start to finish, and clinched the Mokador Trophy for the first “Under 25″ driver. Rashid Al Ketbi ended second overall and was awarded the “TER Protagonist” award as he was the only driver apart from Simone Tempestini to win one Special Stage. Third step of the podium for Dan Girtofan. Victory among the 2WD cars for Raul Badiu who ended the rally in ninth overall after a close fight with Adrian Teslovan during Day 1.

The Power Stage (one of the event’s stages, chosen by the organisers and announced before the start of the Rally, awarding Championship points to the fastest three TER drivers) was SS 7 – Nadas (21,70 km), run from 10:36 on Saturday, May 14th. Simone Tempestini was fastest and secured 3 points while Gergo Szabo got 2 points for second and Dan Girtofan earned 1 point for third.

Among the TER VIP Guests on Arad Rally KIA was Stefano Milla, the award-winning Film Director from Los Angeles, who followed the Event from Start to Finish as well as handing out trophies at the final prizegiving.

TER Prizes – Arad Rally KIA

1° Overall TER Simone Tempestini
2° Overall TER Rashid Al Ketbi
3° Overall TER Dan Girtofan

1° 2WD TER Raul Badiu
Power Stage Winner Simone Tempestini
Trophy Mokador – Under 25 Simone Tempestini
TER Protagonist Rashid Al Ketbi

The next round of the 2016 Tour European Rally will be Rali Vinho da Madeira, August 4th – 6th.