AVF on top in Motorland Day 2

AVF scored the fastest lap of the fourth and final timed session of the day at Motorland Aragón, in the closing round of collective preseason activities for the Formula V8 3.5. The Catalan team, led by Adrián Vallés, saw Tom Dillmann cruise to the lead in the latest stages in 1:41.294. The Frenchman, who had rounded out the top-5 in the morning, stayed among the frontrunners on day 1, finalising the effort of the whole team. Unfortunately, Alfonso Celis Jr was unable to express his full potential due to a flu condition that hampered his performance.

Alfonso Celis Jr. (#15) Morning: P12 1:42.350 – 13 laps – Afternoon: P14 1:45.215 – 17
“It was another busy and difficult day for me as I’m still sick. This morning I think we put new tyres on a bit late and when I was pushing the wind speed make me spun with DRS open in Turn 3. We did some adjustments from yesterday to adapt the car to the weather and I couldn’t push on new tyres. In the afternoon I couldn’t compare with new tyres as well after a clutch failure due many practice starts”.

Tom Dillmann (#16) Morning: P5 1:40.813 – 30 – Afternoon: P1 1:41.294 – 37
“The track changed a lot with the wind in the opposite direction. This morning we struggled a bit to find the right way but we did some changes and even if we didn’t put new tyres, the lap time is great. It was good to struggle in the morning so we faced this situation for good. For the first race here I expect to fight for the pole and win next week for the inaugural round”.