The German team kfzteile24 Mücke Motorsport at the Italian F4 championship with four drivers

The German team kfzteile24 Mücke Motorsport from Berlin starts into the new season of the Italian Formula 4 championship with four drivers this weekend (8th to 10th of April). The Chinese Yifei Ye (15 years old), Maurico Baiz (Venezuela/17), Devlin Defrancesco (Canada/16) and Aldo Festante (Italy/15) will have their debut race at the 4.226 km long track in Misano for the racing stable from the German capital city at the „Italian F.4 Championship powered by Abarth“.

„We already participated at the Italian Formula 4 Championship already last season. And the request of drivers for our team was quite big, so we decided to start at this championship again“, said team principal Peter Mücke. His crew finished as vice champion in 2015 and scored the positions three and four of the drivers’ standings. „This time we have four new drivers in our team, two of them already gathered experience in this series last year. So we should be able to achieve some great results“, explained the team principal.

It is quite important for him and his team to have the same cars as they also have at the ADAC Formula 4, where the Mücke racing stable represents the colours of the ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg. „That fact results in having good possibilities to compare the performance and to find the best setup for the cars. Certainly, the logistic effort is way bigger, if you compete at two Formula 4 championships. Because of that we will have two divisions that take care about the series“, said Peter Mücke.

After the opening event in Misano, six racing weekends are scheduled at the Italian Formula 4 until the 30th of October. And one driver is very proud to start at this championship: the local hero Aldo Festante. The Italian will have his first season in a Formula race car. „ I’m pleased to take part in a prestigious championship like the Italian one. That’s a big step for me. I’ll have to face and win all the problems which could come because of my inexperience, but, if I’m supported by a great team like Mücke Motorsport, I’m sure I’ll manage to do it.“

The Italian, born in Capua on the 23rd of May 2000, gathered his first experience in motor sports in a kart racer at the age of eleven and wants to give the best he can at the coming season. „I always shoot to the best I can achieve, so, even if I know it’s going to be hard, I’ll always aim to the win. And that’s possible seeing the fantastic work that me and the team have been doing in the last few months. The atmosphere in the box is fantastic as well as the relationship with all the mechanics and the engineers. I’m actually feeling very confident for the upcoming season“, said Aldo Festante.

(Attached to this mail photos of Yifei Ye, Maurico Baiz and Devlin Defrancesco: © Mario Bartkowiak/Jegasoft Media as well as Aldo Festante: © Festante)