ATS Formel 3 Cup – High interest in Ravenol Media Award

100% engine power, the perfect tyre, a great chassis – that does not matter here. The Ravenol Media Award is all about the brain of the drivers. Endowed with a prize money of 5,000 Euros, it surely has a lot of appeal. And almost all drivers contesting the ATS Formula 3 Cup have shown interest in participating. They can submit a project focusing on the media sector by the end of October. Established by Ravenol and the Formula 3 Association, the award will be presented for the second time in 2013.

The key element for the Ravenol Media Award is creativity. It addresses all drivers contesting the ATS Formula 3 Cup. This is not about carrying out the most expensive project or making a great visual impact. Creativity is crucial and everybody should try their best within their possibilities, e. g. in press and media relations, social media or communication through print, TV or radio. Almost all race drivers are already working on their initial concepts. We are not going to reveal any details yet. However, we can share that the level of the ideas is remarkably high. “It is with great interest and excitement to see how much interest the drivers are showing towards this award,” says Wayne Riddell, member of the Ravenol Media Award jury and editor of the first monthly motorsports magazine in South Africa. “It is a good sign for the future. The days of a driver just needing to be a good driver are over.”

All applicants must submit a paper with a catchy description of their project, in English, by October 30th, 2013. The information should include their approach, what they have learned during the process and why their project deserves the award. Copies of samples complement the realised project.

After October 30th, 2013
After the deadline, a jury consisting of Ravenol motorsports director Martin Huning; Olaf Schilling, chief editor of Auto Bild Motorsport magazine and editor in charge of motorsports coverage in Sport Bild magazine; Peter Lim, a professional photographer from Malaysia; Bettina Eichhammer, ATS Formula 3 Cup spokeswoman, and Wayne Riddell will pick the winner of the Ravenol Media Award. “Today a driver is also a moving Billboard. Racing has become serious business and in this business, sponsors look for the complete package. They look for a number of important criteria like image and ambassador for the brand,” explains the South African. “This includes dealing with both motorsport media and various social media platforms and World Media later in life. If a driver cannot talk to people or the media, or speaks poorly with the media, sponsors will not want to be part of that. The Ravenol Media Award is ground breaking in this area as it gives the teams / drivers the opportunity to take a rough diamond and turn them into a well-polished jewel worth a lot.”

The highlight will be the presentation of the Ravenol Media Award to the winner at the Essen Motor Show at the end of the year.