ATS Formel 3 Cup – Kirchhöfer and Balthasar are the drivers of the weekend

The Sachsenring is a demanding roller coaster of a circuit. 16 drivers from ten countries fought hard in the third race of the weekend. The 3.645 kilometres are a challenge, especially the first section of the track including the omega. Local favourite Marvin Kirchhöfer scored another start-finish victory and took the podium for the third time this weekend. Sebastian Balthasar from Cologne secured the victory in the Trophy ranking.

Marvin Kirchhöfer (Lotus / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) had a good start. However, the drivers behind him knocked themselves out of the race at the demanding track. Belgian driver Jordi Weckx (Van Amersfoort Racing / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) and Nabil Jeffri from Kuala Lumpur (Eurointernational / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) crashed into each other. Briton Emil Bernstorff (Lotus / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) and Thomas Jäger from Austria (Performance Racing / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) ran into the gravel, much to the chagrin of the driver from Vienna who had a good chance after starting from the third place. Bernstorff and Jeffri rejoined the race out of the pits after a short safety car phase but did not manage to push through the grid again. Kirchhöfer, his team-mate Artem Markelov (Lotus / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) and American Gustavo Menezes (Van Amersfoort Racing / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) completed their race, driving across the finish line in that order.

Balthasar remains in the lead
Four Trophy drivers finished this race at Sachsenring among the top 10, grabbing a place in the Cup ranking. Sebastian Balthasar from Cologne (GU-Racing / Dallara F311 Mercedes) was far ahead, leaving his competitors and the Cup drivers behind him. Hubertus-Carlos Vier from Inching (ADAC Team Nordbayern / Dallara F307 Mercedes) took the chequered flag in second place. Freddy Killensberger from Wortelstetten (GU-Racing / Dallara F307 OPC-Challenge) finished the race third in the Trophy ranking. Balthasar defended and extended his lead in an impressive manner.

Marvin Kirchhöfer: “I was luckier with lapping today, it worked out well. I had a great start and was able to break away a little.”
Artem Markelov: “I went off the track a little, because I got the wrong gear entering the corner.” So I tried to speed and save my push to pass. I achieved my target.”
Gustavo Menezes: “We worked really hard over the weekend. We had pace for the podium in all three races. I wish it could have been triple, but I am still happy!”
Sebastian Balthasar: “It was a good race, just like it should be. Everything worked according to the plan. I am very happy with my place.”

2013 SONAX Rookie ranking
Marvin Kirchhöfer continues to extend his gap to the field, dominating the SONAX Rookie ranking with 199 points. John Bryant-Meisner (Performance Racing / Dallara F311 Volkswagen Power Engine) remains in second place, with 124 points, despite technical difficulties this weekend. Gustavo Menezes continues to be in third place (100 points).

ATS Formula 3 Cup team ranking
Three races – and three times the podium was owned by the Lotus team. As a result, the talent factory from Oschersleben extended their lead with a total of 201 points. Performance Racing take the second place with 146 points. Van Amersfoort Racing remain third, with 121 points. The team ranking was newly established in 2013.

Points scored in the first twelve races of the 2013 ATS Formula 3 Cup (top 10):

1. Marvin Kirchhöfer / DEU 196
2. Artem Markelov / RUS 137
3. Emil Bernstorff / GBR 134
4. John Bryant-Meisner / SWE 95
5. Gustavo Menezes / USA 68
6. Thomas Jäger / AUT 61
7. Yannick Mettler / CHE 46
8. Matteo Cairoli / ITA 30
9. Tomasz Krzeminski / POL 20
10. Nabil Jeffri / MYS 20

Off the track
The Bavarian winning team of “F1 in Schools” visited the ATS Formula 3 Cup truck this weekend and got a taste of racing atmosphere. Pupils design a miniature race car on the computer for this international technology challenge. Lotus offered them a chance to look behind the scenes, an entirely new experience for the engineering talents. Everybody had a chance to meet the exceptionally talented Lotus driver Marvin Kirchhöfer on Saturday. And there was big interest in “Meet the drivers”. Kirchhöfer, Thomas Jäger and Nabil Jeffri answered questions from fans and signed autographs at the ADAC Hospitality.

The ATS Formula 3 Cup on TV
The “ran racing” magazine programme on Kabel1 will include two minutes about the ATS Formula 3 Cup. The programme is broadcast after the racing weekends, on Mondays from 02:08 to 02.23 a.m., with a repeat on Tuesdays from 02:10 to 02.25 a.m. The Sport1 Magazine also shows four minutes of highlights of the ATS Formula 3 Cup. The next programme will be shown on Saturday, June 15th, from 7.25 to 8.25 p.m. in conjunction with the ADAC Masters Weekends.